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CA Technologies honors Fujitsu as Innovation Partner of the Year 2016

CA Technologies has honored Fujitsu as innovation partner of the year at this year’s Partner D...

Great success at the German Data Center Award 2016

For the forth time in a row we successfully participated at the German Data Center Award and achieve...

FUJITSU Data Center Management and Automation – Automated Contingency Manual

Data Center contingency manuals are required by the ITIL standard and describe processes that have t...

5 submissions – 5 finalists! Huge Fujitsu success at the German Data Center Award 2015

Following up the successful participations at the German Data Center Award in 2013 and 2014, Fujitsu...

Cost efficient and easy-to-implement software management with ManageNow – Fujitsu and CA Technologies expand strategic partnership

FUJITSU ManageNow solutions automate software management in heterogeneous IT environments. Preconfig...

Overcoming the challenges of managing an increasingly dynamic IT environment

Point solutions for IT Management and Service Desk turn out to be fragmented and inflexible approach...