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Manju Annie Oommen

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Senior Global Product Marketing Manager

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Manju Annie Oommen manages the Integrated Systems for High performance Computing, Infrastructure and Server Management solution at Fujitsu. She is an artificial intelligence and quantum computing technology enthusiast who is motivated to drive and communicate the science and applications of these latest technology which would radically change the way we work and live. She comes with over 10 years of experience in IT industry. Prior to Fujitsu, she was in Global Product Management roles with Hewlett Packard Enterprise driving the design and roadmap of mission critical and industry standard servers.

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Complexity! A term, which is relevant across any field—both in the physical and non-physical world...

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Mobile World Congress 2018: Fujitsu’s latest innovation on quantum-inspired technology unlocked

Mobile World Congress 2018: Fujitsu’s latest innovation on quantum-inspired technology unlocked

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Are you ready for a software-defined future?

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Experience the power of high performance computing LIVE

Experience the Power of High Performance Computing LIVE and Make a Difference to Your Business

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