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Head of Ecosystem and Analyst Engagement

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Andy has considerable IT and business leadership experience, having advised customers across public and private sectors for many years. A unique blend of depth and breadth of business expertise, cultural background and industry insight, results in a strategic and focussed approach with customers. Andy really enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and perspectives, to draw on his passion to help people make the right choices through empathy, debate, common sense and making a positive difference.

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Do we trust our machines

Co-creating through a collaborative partnership ecosystem

In my recent blog post, I talked about working with customers and external partners through an effec...

Ecosystem: what does this make you think

Ecosystem: what does this make you think?

Perhaps it triggers thinking about Biological / Ecological / Digital / Business / Partner / Supplier...

Have you thought about becoming a charity trustee

Have you thought about becoming a charity trustee?

When I have spoken to friends and colleagues about becoming a trustee, I’ve had some interesting a...