The 10 pitfalls of digital transformation #8: Get Commitment all the Way to the Top

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Sports icon Michael Jordon was once famously quoted for saying that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” He couldn’t be more right…

During this blog series I have often spoken about buy-in from board-level executives when embarking on any digital transformation project. Why? It is essential to seek approval which, in turn, could lead to larger projects being deployed that will enhance your business in general. Taking a tactical approach is not the right strategy as you tend to work in silos – and, also, this is not true digital transformation. We have seen many small, siloed, tactical digital projects which have been deemed as ‘digital transformation success stories’ whereas, dig a little deeper, they’re just finding resolutions for smaller issues. You want to avoid this approach as board members will start to question the value of digital.

I have also spoken at great length on how every organization needs to enable a collaborative, enterprise-wide strategy for any idea. Innovation starts from anyone or anything, but to ensure that it’s not a siloed project you will need approval from the top. At Fujitsu, to innovate with our customers, sharing ideas so that we may co-create solutions that will nourish other avenues within the organization – we help deliver a strategy that will benefit the entire organization.

For example, we already work with logistics partner DHL to provide an ecommerce procurement platform to monitor the supply chain of uniforms for law enforcement and emergency services. It’s an extremely important process as we need to manage uniform output and ensure that all personnel are protected with the right equipment / clothing. Then another conversation materialized with staff on the ground who really wanted to know if there was a method to monitoring working conditions – essentially improving the well-being of staff in the field. When this idea was brought to us at Fujitsu, we were able to empower those on the ground as we started to co-create a solution that would do more than just procuring and tracking uniforms. By adding our UBIQUITOUSWARE wearable technology to uniformed staff, we were able to assess the health and safety of employees in the field, essentially ensuring that those who protect and serve us are safe and fit. It was a simple idea that increased the services of DHL to more than just logistics.

So when I am talking about getting commitment all the way from the top, this is one of the best examples of how well it can work. The conversation stemmed from essential members of the team working on ground that went to the top to see if there was a possibility to do more. When the executives got on board, they could see other areas to which the solution could be used in addition to procurement and health monitoring, creating a domino effect for inter-organizational innovation. This is how you prevent silos and steer the helm towards true digitalization.

Innovation is best when you co-create with a technology partner that can address ideas with solutions and this is why it is essential to really talk across all levels of the business. Get feedback from all areas of the company and take them to the board. They can help ensure digital transformation becomes an enterprise-wide collaboration.

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