Going Mobile with GLOVIA OM

Going Mobile with GLOVIA OM

GLOVIA OM® has a reputation as a powerful, solid ERM system with real flexibility, so the release of a mobile app makes lots of sense. Employees aren’t tied to desks or clocks these days, which means they need access to information and functionality wherever they are, whatever...

NFLEX brings together best-in-class Fujitsu and NetApp expertise including FUJITSU PRIMERGY servers

Reasons to consider a Converged Infrastructure in the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure age

It’s one of the hype topics of the decade: if you are to believe everything that’s claimed, then hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) are the answer to pretty much every need in the data center of tomorrow – whether you’ve yet to identify the problem or not. The industry...

The Year Ahead: Five Key Thoughts on Cyber Security In 2018

Data is all around us, from the way doctors use it to better understand patients to online retailers collecting data on customer interactions during a transaction. Confronted by conversations around how to make the most of the data available, there has been an urgent need for bus...

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