In the world of automation, where does automated quality of service make a difference?

Quality of service

We all know data is growing, perhaps set to be in a range of 44ZB by 2020. And even though growing in parallel are the drive capacities, the situation however still does not eases. Reason is with different applications, wherein every second one of them is critical; the challenge to manage the resources effectively still remains the same.

This is where storage quality of service comes into play. Storage quality of service (QoS) basically guarantees a certain performance for certain applications. For example, if a SQL server needs specific performance, say 15000 IOPs, then it can be managed via QoS, above other applications. With multiple workloads running together and competing for IOPs, QoS becomes necessary to guarantee the necessary bandwidth for all the applications, specially mission critical and avoid any resource contention.

However, taking things to the next level, other than the array-based QoS which even though provides IOPs for specific applications but still might needs manual supervision for fine tuning. How about the scenario when we can dynamically adjust the IOPs along with continuous performance monitoring. Not only will this help you set priorities based on performance requirements much more easily, it will also reduce manual supervision.

These are the benefits available to you with ETERNUS DX and AF Storage arrays. Automated QoS, a feature available both with ETERNUS DX and AF, helps you to avoid potential problems for shared storage access and resolves these issues while enabling the consolidation of multiple applications with different I/O performance requirements in a single storage system.

Not only does this makes storage performance more predictable, it also helps in driving maintenance especially for SSD’s, without impacting performance.

Enjoy the benefits of automated QoS with ETERNUS DX and AF and find out more about its mechanics and uses in this detailed white paper here.

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