The consumer wants it all – no problem

consumers want a whole shopping experience

Retailers are living in challenging times.

They need to find a way how to make shopping seamless and handy. The consumer needs to be able to order online on the way to work, try out the product, send it back, reorder between two meetings in town and finally buy it after a second test at home – no problem. Consumers not only buy products: they buy the whole shopping experience. This is a highly sensual process and therefore cannot be digitalized completely.

Let’s look at retail stores from a different angle: Even the former online-only store Amazon started to make some changes to its go-to-market strategy by providing a personalized customer service online while also opening up brick and mortar bookstores in some American cities. The reason for that is that retailers (no matter if online or in the mall) have to find the sweet spot on a scale ranging from complete anonymity to a retail store. In fact, to do it right, they have to provide every level on that scale by creating a whole shopping environment which connects all the channels. What seems like a radical change for those who are just about to start to change their market strategy will open up highly promising possibilities for collecting data. Analyzed and used correctly, this data will have a huge impact on everyday business.

Matching the wide-ranging consumer expectations is a tall order, but, bearing in mind that every business and every consumer is different, there are a few approaches retailers can take. One of them is a store Wi-Fi (that actually works). It enables customers to check availability and prices, shows the retailer’s engagement and binds the consumer to the store.

Every retailer has to find out what fits best to his or her business. While one size will not fit all businesses, it’s worth thinking about what you want to achieve. To find out more about which other approaches retailers can take, have a look at our free of charge White Papers: The connected retail revolution: this time it’s personal and Connected to Eternal Retail Values.

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