The Cloud Enabled Data Center


Driven by a technological revolution, today’s world is changing at breakneck speed. The main technological forces are: mobility, big data, and social media. All of these have their basis in the cloud. Taken together, they bring completely innovative concepts such as the “internet of things” or end user computing approaches, such as BYOD.

As a consequence, the ICT revolution is helping to:

  • enhance the value of products and business
  • build a better society and
  • empower people

and this means that social and business innovation will go hand in hand.

As these changes accelerate and converge, the cloud will become increasingly pervasive in our lives. By making such user interaction simple and combining mobile touch devices with the cloud, IT will become open for everyone and will be of benefit to more users than ever before.
You will be able to touch and change your business – always and everywhere.

But designing a cloud infrastructure is very different to a traditional approach. To leverage the cloud revolution, IT will need to encompass the following four items:

  1. Cloud-ready business apps
  2. Availability and access to cloud infrastructure
  3. The right touch device for the specific scenario
  4. A cloud ready procurement strategy including services, such as consulting, design, build, integration, operation and maintenance


In order to achieve these objectives, there is no single way forward. Companies dealing with cloud infrastructure design, choose a combination of the following 4 ways:

  1. They steer away from technology and simply purchase the relevant cloud IaaS and or SaaS services. This particular choice does not require any technological skills or in-house IT, and the new service is up and running quickly. It’s up to the provider to decide which technologies will be used.
  2. They select an integrated solutions approach, to turn their IT into a business advantage faster, leveraging pretested, risk-free, turnkey infrastructure solutions. They offer more technological options than cloud services and therefore require more IT skills and longer deployment times.
  3. Reference Architectures, on the other hand, rely on proven IT designs. Deployment would be more complex and longer than with integrated solutions, and imply more technological choice. This approach is suitable when designing a customized in-house IT as a key part of the IT strategy.
  4. The last option is to build the cloud infrastructure based on best-of-breed components. This would be ideal for a company looking to offer its own cloud services to its internal or external customers.


Fujitsu’s Private Cloud infrastructure approach provides the complete solution, and not just single pieces. We offer pre-integrated and pre-tested Infrastructure Solutions based on:

  • Servers
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Leading-edge Cloud solutions from industry leading partners.


This approach increases IT and business agility, and at the same time decreases time to production and risks.

Fujitsu’s Private Cloud solution enables support of your company’s IT processes based on:

  • On-demand provisioning
  • Broad network access
  • Resource pooling
  • Rapid elasticity
  • SLA measurement


This enables a consistent and verifiable setup, update and upgrade of all solution components ensuring appropriate business process support during the entire life cycle.

To learn more about our cloud enabled data center solutions, please visit

How would you go about designing your cloud infrastructure?

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