SYMFONI WE delivers organizational harmony

SYMFONI we delivers organizational_harmony

Come and hear how on Booth 303 at Knowledge17.

OK, so it’s an obvious play on words, but: enabling your business to run smoothly whilst cutting costs and increasing productivity is music to the ears of everyone, from the board down. Fujitsu acquired Symfoni last year to enhance its ServiceNow offering and broaden its scope. Our aim was to ensure that the popular – and proven – ServiceNow platform could reach more and more areas of our customers’ organizations and deliver benefits that can make a huge impact in a vigorous marketplace.

One of the domains where we could immediately see huge benefits of implementing Symfoni WE’s value chains is Professional Services Automation. We wanted service-orientated customers to optimize and streamline their people, projects, task and client management, enabling them to gather and share data, generate metrics and conduct valuable analytics. It was also vital that all that information can be swiftly visualized to improve financials and resource utilization.

Symfoni WE does all that. It boosts the power of ServiceNow. That’s why we’re looking-forward to showing you how it all works on our booth at Knowledge17. It’s booth 303 to be precise. We’ll take you through the areas where it can make a big difference. I don’t have the space to tell you everything about it – that’s why you’ve got to come to our booth and see for yourself! But Symfoni WE covers everything from resource management to time and expense tracking. It boosts human capital management, provides billing and revenue recognition, as well as full service delivery management. Importantly, its ability to integrate with your legacy systems means that you can transform a complex application landscape into a single system of record.

Every part of your orchestra is perfectly in tune, and generates a powerful, unified presence in your sector. OK, so the metaphor is a little labored, but it works. Come along and experience the possibilities. It’s going to be harmonious.

See you there.

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