Shifting boundaries between work and private life

Mobility means being able to work anywhere, thus increasing end-user productivity and flexibility as well as contributing to a company’s competitiveness. This was general knowledge when the first notebooks were introduced decades ago.

In the meantime we are experiencing an explosion of mobile devices – notebooks, tablets and smartphones – all in a variety of formats. Various devices are used depending on the specific scenario. Analysts say that each individual could be using 3 to 4 devices every day; a figure that is expected to increase even further in the future. Applications and data must be available to the user on a continuous basis and everywhere in order to ensure maximum end-user productivity and flexibility.

Today’s flexible working models (and an increase in the significance of an employee’s work/life balance) show that the boundaries between work and private life are not carved in stone. Using the same device for work and in private use is practical and easy for the user. The digital natives are using an increasing number of private devices for professional purposes as well and this is mostly beyond the control of IT departments and the existing internal company IT infrastructures. 

Virtual Client Computing enables flexible access to business applications and data from any device. It helps you overcome the challenges associated with consumer technology regarding manageability and security. It is thus mandatory for flexible and efficient employees and workplaces (e.g. for Bring Your Own Device concepts).  

Fujitsu offers complete and optimal “Virtual Client Computing” solutions from a single source, thus reducing the time associated with their introduction as well as the risks and costs – irrespective of the workplace strategy and the operating concepts and technologies best suited for certain goals. As far as using future mobile systems is concerned, Fujitsu has a very wide range of workplace systems (devices, solutions and services) which are ideally suited for work and private life. Companies that use a change in their infrastructure as an opportunity to modify their procurement strategy and operating concepts can rely on Fujitsu Managed Workplace Services including Virtual Client Services.
Our Managed Mobile Service helps customers manage their mobile devices.
Fujitsu’s solutions for Virtual Client Computing, Fujitsu Managed Workplace including Virtual Client Services, Fujitsu Managed Mobile and Fujitsu’s attractive mobile devices are on show at Fujitsu’s CeBIT exhibition areas in hall 2 and hall 7. You’ve got until 9th March to pay us a visit!

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