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Demo Capacity on Demand

The only thing predictable about business is that it’s unpredictable. You can forecast the future, but seldom very far, and seldom accurately. A new product or a new ad campaign can push sales to a point where it’s a challenge to support them. Even a “good” problem, like demand for your products suddenly rising at an increasing rate, can make things difficult for an organization. In fact, keeping customers satisfied during times of rapid growth is one of the biggest challenges that many corporations face.

Because IT is woven into every part of organizations today, these aren’t just business problems, but IT problems. Traditionally, IT has had to factor unanticipated events like high growth into their purchasing plans. They would purchase enough capacity to handle current need, plus enough to account for anticipated growth, plus a “just in case” amount over and above to handle unanticipated needs.

The end result is an IT organization that has a lot of underutilized capacity. This includes hardware that had to be purchased, needs to be maintained, and needs to be secured, which costs money – even though it isn’t being used.

Capacity on Demand

Let’s start small. All Fujitsu M10 models provide a very granular way to add processing resources: Core-based Capacity on Demand. Start with the exact number of cores needed, then activate – and pay for – new cores as your demands increase.

Core Activation Cuts Software Licensing Costs

Many software packages are licensed per core, some costing as much as $20,000 per core annually. Using this as a hypothetical example, how much could Fujitsu M10 CPU Core Activation save over a four year period? Let’s take a look at two cases:

Without Core Activation, you would need to purchase enough capacity to handle your expected four year growth projection. Let’s say that you’re initially going to need 16 cores worth of compute, growing to 64 cores in year four. Since you are buying all of this capacity up front, you would need to license the software for the entire system, meaning a software bill of $1,280,000 per year for four years ($5.12 million over the four year period).

With Fujitsu M10 Core Activation, you don’t pay for the cores that you are not currently using so the savings can be substantial.

software licensing

The software license savings derived from Fujitsu M10 CPU Core Activation are large enough to pay for the entire server. We have not even factored in: core activations themselves, core activation hardware maintenance, and per-core software maintenance!

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