Reshaping ICT, Business and Society Keynote – Explaining the Human Centric Intelligent Society

Firstly, Masami Yamamoto, Fujitsu President and Representative Director welcomed the guests and outlined Fujitsu’s capabilities and Fujitsu’s desire to shape our customers’ future with them.

After an exciting intro with Japanese style drums the stage was taken by Rod Vawdrey, Corporate Executive Vice President & President, Fujitsu International Business.  He quickly asked the key question: How can Fujitsu help reshape business, ICT and society?


Global Village

“We have finally arrived in the global Village”, said Rod Vawdrey. The global village is an interlinked, web-shaped, cloud based, high speed, data intensive, mobile enabled society and economy.

But the global village brings challenges with it.

Even local businesses compete on a global basis with competitors they know and the ones they don’t know. Citizens are becoming globalized. To them governments are also service providers. There are also new security challenges. The sheer volume of information coming from the global village is astounding, e.g. 2.7 billion internet users, more than 750 tweets are sent every second.  How can all this data be mined and analyzed? In real-time? But there’s more:

  • World population is on a dangerous growth path, making food production a key issue
  • More than 60% of the world lives in cities
  • Society is aging
  • By 2020 we will need nearly 2 earths to give people the goods and services they need.


ICT can cope with these challenges and Fujitsu has the capabilities and vision for the future to make the world a place where we can live and prosper. Fujitsu calls this the Human Centric Intelligent Society. The dimensions of the Human Centric Intelligent Society are:

  • Technology infrastructure
    • an infrastructure that supports more intuitive people and processes and is seamlessly integrated for private and public use
    • The Internet of Things is where people communicate with each other via the digital world, e.g. a fridge which detects when you’re running out of milk and orders the milk automatically
    • Fujitsu has engineered even more complex solutions, Tokyo’s taxis work with SPATIOWL and become road sensors relaying information to the cloud and receiving information about the traffic and weather and provides a live map of the roads in Tokyo.
    • Enriching information
      • Business and public life are based on information. Boeing together with Fujitsu has developed an RFID solution to manage aircraft parts. The technology allows attaching the RFID tag to every single part, and the software interprets the tag and shows where items need to be inspected or repaired. The staff’s productivity is also improved.
      • Empowering people to create more information
        • We must give people the tools to stay and respond to their environment and maintain control in their social, public or personal life, e.g. the ‘K’ computer which supports people in e.g. drug development and testing or modeling heart functions. In Taiwan the Weather Bureau is using a PRIMEHPC FX10 to monitor and analyze climate change.


Fujitsu does not subscribe to one size fits all – every customer is individual and Fujitsu has the right services and products for every need.

Fujitsu Products

Rod invited Hans-Dieter Wysuwa to talk about Fujitsu’s products. He proudly announced the 300th SAP HANA installation at a Fujitsu customer. Besides adding value to intelligent technologies, Fujitsu also has great server systems, e.g. PRIMEQUEST mission-critical servers for the BI on HANA and for the business suite on HANA to be shipped from 2014 onwards.  Hans-Dieter also showed the LIFEBOOK S904 which works 24 hours on a single battery. He also announced the ETERNUS S3 storage systems which are far faster than any other system. He proudly announced, “Data is our domain!”

Fujitsu Services

Joel O’Halloran explained that services are how Fujitsu works and how we solve our customers’ problems.

Fujitsu builds, manages and maintains data centers 24×7. To do this we have Fujitsu’s methodologies, but we also have the right people with the right skills. These people are not looking at bits and bytes — they’re looking at business results. Their focus is providing service availability.

Fujitsu has 18000 services employees in EMEA and over 31000 service staff worldwide. Our service business accounts for over 50% of our business. We deal with 11 leading car manufacturers, 370 million airline passengers fly using Fujitsu know-how, and we work with all G8 governments. In the UK 99% of citizens are using technology managed by Fujitsu.

Fujitsu Solutions and Cloud

Cameron McNaught came on stage and explained how Fujitsu is investing in globally repeatable solutions which remove complexity and risk. Fujitsu is targeting Big Data, Mobility and Cloud. Our solutions are focused on business outcomes. Fujitsu delivers mobile solutions for airline customers or a European retailer using Big Data to prevent online fraud. Cameron announced the Fujitsu Cloud for SAP HANA, which is available for pilot customers starting this quarter and then globally from 2014.

Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform

Cameron also explained that nowadays, customers not only need Cloud services from experienced providers but even more so a way to manage these multiple cloud services.

The Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform enables clients to manage, integrate and aggregate both traditional non-cloud and cloud services from a single unified portal and uses a single sign-on. There are live demos here at the Fujitsu Forum.

Rod’s final message was that when it comes to facing the challenges of the Global Village, Fujitsu can assist you in at a local or global level.

Finally, Rod handed over to Dr. Hideyuki Saso, Corporate Senior Executive

Vice President and Representative Director, CTO & CMO President, Marketing

FUJITSU LIMITED, who made it clear that as one of the largest ICT companies, Fujitsu is very aware of its responsibility to create a better world. We have over 100 000 engineers all over the world. But our focus is not on building single products and services, rather our focus is on building the Human Centric Intelligent Society and increase the happiness of all mankind by shaping tomorrow with our customers.

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