Ontenna, a device that allows users to feel sounds through their hair


Ontenna FujitsuForum TokyoAlso on display at the #FujitsuForum is a device called Ontenna which got a lot of attention in the media already.

Ontenna is a new interface device that is worn atop the user’s hair. It conveys the characteristics of sounds using vibration and light, and enables deaf people to perceive the rhythms, patterns, and volumes of sounds through their hair. Ontenna was created by Tatsuya Honda who joined Fujitsu’s design team to make this innovation a success. He said, “Meeting people with impaired hearing in my freshman year opened my eyes to a soundless world. It drove me to create a technology to help them, allowing them to feel the shapes of sound”

If you would like to learn more about Ontenna, please have a look the this article

Ontenna connected with mobile phone

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