Now, we know the winners of Fujitsu Design Award 2011!

Grand Prize (30,000 Euro) Winner: Egle Ugintaite

LIFEBOOK Runner-up Prize (10,000 Euro) Winner: Philipp Schaake

LIFEDESIGN Runner-up Prize (10,000 Euro) Winner: Raphael Lang / Yu-Lin Hou / Chan Wing Tak

I have included other LIFEBOOK related Judge’s Special Award (1,000 Euro) winners below, but you can enjoy all the winners and presented designs at the official press release of

Fujitsu Design Award 2011 winners: here

If you didn’t know about the Award, let me cut out the text from the web:

This Award is held to make the future lifestyles of people richer and even more fun, and to give concrete shape to the future as Fujitsu sees it, by more frequently using ICT (Information and Communications Technology) that is becoming increasingly diverse, and dramatically expanding the possibilities of our services. The Award is composed of two categories: the LIFEBOOK Category that studies what the PCs will be like in 2013, the near future, and the LIFE DESIGN Category that studies what next-generation computing devices will be like (including service concept) ten years from now in 2020.

In my words, as Fujitsu strives to be a leading ICT company, we want to work together with many different people, exchange the ideas, and make our society more exciting and fun, with you. And these received designs and ideas will be studied, experimented, and in a near future, we are hoping that these ideas will be materialized and provided to you to enrich your lives.

Furthermore, let me introduce other LIFEBOOK related winners:

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Ross Lovegrove, industrial designer): Ma Yiwei / Tao Ying

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Gwenael Nicolas, representative of Curiosity): Florian Langer / Patrick Decker

Judge’s Special Award (awarded by Kimitaka Kato, President, Fujitsu Design Limited): Yonggu Do / Jun-se Kim / Eun-ha Seo

I know some of you may have seen submitted designs already at various web sites such as:

Solar Powered LIFEBOOK






These are all very fascinating designs and ideas which we would love to give them to life. We have equally other great ideas that gave us chills, and love to share them with you, but I have to speak to organizers and designers for the allowance…

Nevertheless, we, Fujitsu, are now being challenged by the designers whether we can be innovative as they are. Stay tuned for our future products.

Shuichi Matsumoto

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