Minimize security risks for your enterprise with PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop

Minimize security risks for your Enterprise with PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop

Did you ever wonder what you’d do if you’d get the power to predict what is going to happen next and take steps based on that?

For example, imagine you could predict returns from a specific stock in the market, then invest and make a lot of money. Or you could predict your personal health risks and take precautions to avoid any health issues.

This is exactly what many companies around the world are able to achieve with FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop. Let us look at one such case, a leading high-tech corporation, active in more than 200 countries chiefly in electrification, automation and digitization.

As a global player, one of the main challenges for Siemens is to identify a wide range of possible security threats and risks, and initiate early countermeasures before the situation escalates. To achieve this, they have to collect huge amounts of structured and unstructured data of various formats, coming from a wide range of sources at high speed. This needs to be integrated into the data analysis tool which then can evaluate the data and provide various options for countermeasures.

Fujitsu helps Siemens to exploit big data effectively with PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop, a powerful and scalable platform which supports them in their threat analysis and risk minimization.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Read more in this case study on how FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop helps Siemens.

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