Lessons from the Frontlines of Digital Transformation

Lessons from the Frontlines of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation at a fundamental level is not just about technology, but also about change, leadership and data-driven insights. Misadventures are cheap and lessons learnt are costly.


The recent Fujitsu 2017 Global Digital Transformation Survey indicated that 38% of manufacturers have already derived positive outcomes from embracing digital transformations. The top ranking benefits category included:

  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs
  • Strategic competitiveness of products
  • Increased revenues

If you are part of the 38%, congratulations and welcome to the club – you are now on a journey. As Alicia-Boler-Davis Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing at the General Motors Company said at the recently concluded Manufacturing Leadership Summit at Huntington Beach, CA, “There is one thing constant about the future, it is all about change, change and more change!”

BIG Idea

One way to benefit from the Digital Transformation opportunity is simple – implement ideas from use cases already implemented. One of the most promising opportunities to impact the bottom-line is to focus on a better system of engagement with customers. Somewhere along the way, the manufacturing industry got distant from its customers, channels and partners. It is time to fix this. Engaging with your customers, partners and channels in better ways is helping manufacturers to better design products, improve forecasting, reduce waste and inventory, and impact revenues.

But would that not involve large “rip and replace” approaches and miles of custom code?

No, it wouldn’t. There’s a new trick-Hybrid IT and the answer is in custom cloud solutions for your organization. Simple tweaks that leverage investments in the “systems of records” (including your legacy system) that allow your organization to include your customers, channels and partners into your process. Welcome to the dynamic “system of engagement”! When coupled with analytics and data-driven insights the “system of intelligence” will truly transform your organization.

WALK the Talk

The convergence of megatrends is forcing organizations to deconstruct the norm. Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have to rethink how we ideate, design, buy, sell, operate, work with machines, and execute.

The challenge with Digital Transformation is figuring out an approach that would best align with the business problems. Identify your top business challenge and let the guiding principle be the adoption of bold ideas that can help unlock new ways of creating value. What new business models can create a competitive advantage for your organization? How can you embark on this transformation? Should it be a portfolio of small improvements or a big change that will require organizational transformation?

The best approach is to de-risk the process and this can be done by aligning with the right partners and taking the first step. Solvitur ambulando! The answer is to be found in the walk!


Check out the infographic below on the future of the digital enterprise and visit to learn our top rated Order-to-Cash solution, GLOVIA OM, can help you achieve a ‘system of intelligence’.

Lessons from the Frontlines of Digital Transformation

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