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As someone with a keen interest in both digital and the public sector, it’s a really interesting time for me at the moment – not least because of some key developments over the last month related to the digital government agenda in the UK, as well as Fujitsu’s continued work regarding digital transformation.

At the start of August, we saw a new Head of the Government Digital Service (GDS) begin his tenure, with Kevin Cunnington highlighting his ambition to “…accelerate the pace of change”.

G-Cloud 8 went live soon after; the latest iteration of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) procurement framework for Cloud services in Government. As our Head of Public Sector, Steven Cox alluded to in this interview with Government Computing, we’re very pleased to once again be accepted on to the framework, which provides important means of engagement for public sector technology vendors and customers alike.

At Fujitsu, we were also delighted to make Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 available to UK Government through G-Cloud 8; offering a single cloud platform for simplifying and accelerating change.

With these three developments in mind, I thought it was worth explaining a bit more about K5, it’s potential to enable digital transformation and new levels of efficiency / agility in government.

What is Cloud Service K5?

K5 is the cloud component of MetaArc; our suite of capabilities that enables organisations to digitise with confidence by leveraging mobility, big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). It also includes a set of multi-cloud management capabilities, which are also available on G-Cloud. These allow traditional IT to be managed alongside cloud solutions from Fujitsu and other vendors. Based on OpenStack, K5 is rolling out globally, and in the UK it is hosted from two Tier III, List X data centres in Greater London.

How can K5 help Government?

There are a number of reasons why K5 can accelerate change in Government. Here are just a few. With K5 you can…

Reduce cost and avoid lock-in: K5 has been designed to be the most open, compatible and agile cloud platform on the market today. Because it’s based on OpenStack, it’s ideal for driving down operational costs and users don’t have to worry about vendor lock. It is also completely flexible; you can migrate existing Oracle and SAP workloads as well as VMWare-based services and it has full support for Bare Metal Workloads.

Compatibility: K5 is unique in that it offers 100% compatibility between the public and private cloud instances, which means you can decide where you want services to run from based on varying security and performance needs. You can pick and mix deployments based on what works for you.

Agility and sharing services: If needs change over time, you can easily move services between ‘modes of deployment’ without requiring remediation and re-testing due to K5’s common architecture across all stacks. Of course, this means shorter development and test cycles and lower costs, but it also encourages agile, proof of concept based working practices embracing ‘Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment’ (CI/CD) strategies. We believe it enables Government departments to create and share common services, too.

Bring legacy to the cloud… without having to migrate: K5 includes the CloudFoundry native cloud development toolsets, recommended by GDS, as well as APIGee; the market’s leading API management toolset which enables legacy platforms and services to be accessed through cloud-based solutions – without the worry of having to migrate mission-critical data and services.

Find out more about K5 at – or view K5 services on G-Cloud here.

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