Feel the Need for Speed? Turbocharge Your Database Queries with Fujitsu M10

Turbocharge Your Database Queries with Fujitsu M10

The name of the game today in business is speed: faster deliveries to customers, quicker responses to customer questions, speedier pricing decisions. The ability to perform these tasks and others is what often separates a thriving and profitable business from an also-ran. Real-time or near real-time decision making requires an incredible array of technology all

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All-flash is the new do-it-all

speedometer flash

Just a few years ago, the first All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) were designed largely as point solutions. The idea was that each AFA typically supported only a single application, or perhaps a small group of applications with similar requirements. Of course these had to be applications that were both high-value, to justify the flash price-premium as

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The new PRIMERGY server generation: excellent price/performance

In addition to high availability levels, top-class IT performance is also reflected in a company’s efficiency and productivity. Fujitsu starts to optimize its PRIMERGY systems as early as the development phase using comprehensive quality assurance processes which ensure that a company can rely on its IT at all times, even during peak workloads. Comprehensive benchmark

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Intelligent Server Backbone for a New Era

Today we would like to give you a first glimpse on the new Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Systems. Tomorrow’s systems and solutions will be developed around human needs and activities. All aspects of the infrastructures, applications, their operation and maintenance are to be optimized accordingly. Servers will design the IT more efficiently in this new world.

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