“We were looking for a partner to help us take it to the next level. We found that partner in Fujitsu. Fujitsu Cloud has helped us create a flexible infrastructure on which to build our business. It allows us to change our IT quickly and make our people more productive.”
Rebecca Brockett, CIO Grocon Group


As a leading IaaS provider Fujitsu is supporting Grocon, one of the largest construction companies in Australia, and helping them to successfully implement a vision for the future. Our Cloud solutions and practical approach have opened new opportunities for Grocon as we have helped them to set up a flexible and scaling infrastructure.

Why not take a look and see what Cloud Computing can offer for you. This video shows how the Fujitsu Cloud has helped Grocon to cut costs and increase the number of innovations. See how our employees provide a personal touch and listen carefully to the needs of our customer, taking each detail into consideration.

Whether you are interested in server or distributed virtualization, a private or virtual private cloud, a hybrid model to complement your existing data center infrastructure or selective Managed Services, you can rely on our experienced specialists for professional advice. Our experts start by looking closely at your existing business and application services along with your infrastructure and mapping that to your business goals and IT vision. They will then advise you on the combination of products, solutions and services that best fits your individual strategy.

Details about the Fujitsu Cloud Consulting approach can be seen here. Fujitsu has one of the most powerful strongest Cloud portfolios in the IT branch and also has the corresponding experience gathered from over 2,000 successfully implemented Cloud projects worldwide.

Read more about the Fujitsu Cloud and the benefits you can obtain for your company.

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  2. Since I took part in a Workshop due to Cloud Computing, I want to learn more and more about it. And your blog is a very good source. So thanks for that and I hope to read more informative and useful article from you.

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