It’s the Hormones, stupid!

woman shoe shopping

During our recent webinar with Planet Retail about The Connected Store, we got talking about hormones and shopping, and how it’s easy to get carried away by technology and neglect the need for great customer service. Especially in retail. Yes, digital is transforming the way we shop, and how retailers engage customers. There’s no doubt

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Shopping in 2025: Touch and feel – even online!

Shopping in 2025 - Look and feel - even online!

Shopping is a tactile, immersive experience. Actually, the word ‘experience’ is the point. Shopping isn’t just a series of transactions. It’s a journey, a social gathering, a multi-sensory cascade… You can describe it in many ways, but the one thing it shouldn’t be, is just a mere series of clicks or swipes. It’s got to

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Experton Group: Fujitsu ranks as a leader for Cloud offerings

Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform is recognized as one of the industry’s leading private cloud solutions in the independent ‘Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2011’, published in early May 2011 by independent research firm Experton. The report ranks Fujitsu as a leader among 58 contenders for Cloud Infrastructure, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and in our cloud offerings for large enterprises, and

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Dynamic Clouds and the transformation process: bridging today and tomorrow

The speech Dynamic Clouds and the transformation process: bridging today and tomorrow was given at IDC´s Managed Services Event in Lisboa/Portugal back in November 2010. It deals with the evaluation of Cloud Computings disruptiveness and key characteristics to look for in any new markets. Beyond that concrete use case from Fujitsu´s cloud customers are presented.

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Mission Possible – Data Security in the Cloud

Last week I discussed our soon to be released study on Data security in the Cloud with the two leading heads for cloud computing of the german national security agency. The goal of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is to promote IT security in Germany. (yes, we really have a ministry for that!).

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