Reinventing the Bank for the Digital World

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In the coming years, all banks will have to digitalize. Currently, European banking is facing the following challenges: Empowered customers who are less loyal, and who use technology to achieve greater transparency High regulation New business models Low interest rates New technologies 2016 was the year of fintechs, but different banks have different digital strategies.

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How Secure is your Data Center?

IoT and Security – The Risk Exists

For 2019, cybercrime costs of two trillion USD are estimated. In 2020, it is estimated, there will be over 50 billion connected devices, and 44 ZBytes of data. It’s difficult to protect against unknowns: even the best software is at risk of attacks. It often takes time to notice a breach, and then it takes

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Keynote: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“AI is coming. Your digital transformation will need it and use it. AI is inevitable,” says Dr. Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer, Fujitsu Fellow, Fujitsu. AI attempts to build machines capable of intelligent behavior. As machines learning improves, it will go through various stages: Now AI systems are as good as human in a narrow

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Keynote: Digital Transformation in Practice

Having the right partner is key in order to make digitalization successful. That’s why, says Dr. Rolf Werner, Head of Central Europe (Fujitsu), Fujitsu has established: New partnerships with Salesforce, Glovia and other digital players An EMEIA IoT competence center in Augsburg A technology center in Augsburg A large K5 cloud platform based on OpenStack

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