Securing the digital future at CeBIT 2017

CeBIT 2017 - PalmSecure

Robust security has to underpin all technology in this age of digital transformation. For Fujitsu, security has always been a priority. At CeBIT this year we’ve been showing some of our innovations which can help make that secure future a reality. For instance, we’ve been working with Mizuho Bank to trial blockchain technology to improve

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Fujitsu’s Digital Co-creation in action at CeBIT

CeBIT 2017 - Digital Co-Creation

Digital Co-creation is our theme for CeBIT 2017 – but what does this mean for our customers? Co-creation means bringing together unconnected areas of expertise to find the insights and ideas to drive digital transformation forward. And it’s about taking an open attitude to what the best outcomes can be – at Fujitsu in tandem with

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Preview: Fujitsu’s Digital Co-creation at CeBIT 2017

Preview CeBIT 2017

Hello from Hannover! CeBIT 2017, one of Europe’s largest technology shows, kicks off in Germany today with Japan as the official partner country. With an estimated 200,000 people visiting CeBIT over the next five days, what can you expect to see from Fujitsu at the show? Fujitsu is proud to be one of the 118 organisations

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Fujitsu’s Human-Centric AI Helps Enable Faster, Improved Clinical Decision-Making

Here at #FujitsuForum we are showing a new healthcare solution designed to improve clinical decision-making, following a successful field trial with San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid. The solution has been developed on the back of the company’s in-depth research into applying advanced data analytics for healthcare applications. It has involved working in close collaboration

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Experience City Monitoring and Parking Management Solutions that Employ AI Technology at #FujitsuForum

With the rapid rise of urban populations and the increasing complexity of economic activity resulting from the greater movement of people and things, protecting people from crime, natural disasters, and accidents, and creating urban environments where they can live with peace of mind, are becoming urgent social issues around the world. To address such issues,

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