Megha Shukla

Megha Shukla

Product Marketing Manager | Fujitsu Storage

Megha is responsible for Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage Marketing activities. She has several years of experience within the Enterprise IT space across Product Marketing, Product Management, Presales and Sales functions.

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Keeping data safe with replication solutions that Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage offers

Are you data safe?

Data can mean different things for different entities. But needless to say it’s the core of every ...


And it happened again!

Albert Einstein once said, ‘the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at onc...

What´s the right decision - traditionol vs software-defined storage?

The right decision?

There are so many decisions you have to take day by day. Not always the decision you took yesterday ...

Quality of service

In the world of automation, where does automated quality of service make a difference?

We all know data is growing, perhaps set to be in a range of 44ZB by 2020. And even though growing i...

How to balance business and IT?

How to balance business and IT?

Times are changing… Question is: are we ready for this change? For what was relevant yesterday is ...