Why Threads Count: Fujitsu SPARC64 X+

In our blogs about the Fujitsu M10 server, we have covered a lot of ground. But one thing we have not talked about is how the SPARC64 X+ processor is designed to handle more workloads, simultaneously, than other processors. It can also speed processing of single threads, typically faster than other processors. Processor design is

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Feel the Need for Speed? Turbocharge Your Database Queries with Fujitsu M10

Turbocharge Your Database Queries with Fujitsu M10

The name of the game today in business is speed: faster deliveries to customers, quicker responses to customer questions, speedier pricing decisions. The ability to perform these tasks and others is what often separates a thriving and profitable business from an also-ran. Real-time or near real-time decision making requires an incredible array of technology all

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The Cure for Server Sprawl

The Cure for Server Sprawl - Fujitsu M10 Family

Feeling a little cramped in your data center lately? Do you have servers stacked on servers stacked on servers? Is the cost to power all your various servers becoming prohibitive? Is server management taking up all of your time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be suffering from Server Sprawl.

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Imagine What You Could Do With 64TB of Memory

I was stuck in typical Silicon Valley traffic the other day when my thoughts turned to server usage models. Okay, maybe not that many other people were thinking about servers, but at least I was using my time productively, right? One thought that kept recurring was that the Fujitsu M10 now supports a staggering maximum

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