How to design Corporate Digital Responsibility – and how to fill this vision with life

Poverty, lack of food and water, climate change, natural disasters, imbalances in social systems and infrastructures, education and health deficits, aging societies, a growing world population. Nowadays, we are faced with major challenges. Information and communication technologies (ICT) can play a key role in solving these critical problems – if solutions are developed and used

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Digitization: The central topic at the Bavarian State delegation’s visit to Tokyo

Digitization: The central topic at the Bavarian State delegation visit to Tokyo

Managing Director Vera Schneevoigt and Jochen Michels, Head of Public Affairs, accompanied the Bavarian Minister of State, Dr. Beate Merk, on her trip to Japan The program of the Tokyo visit of Dr. Beate Merk, Bavarian Minister of State for European and Regional Affairs, had a lot to offer: political talks, various briefings on cultural,

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Interview in Germany’s most important public sector newspaper

Interview Liaison Office Berlin Rolf Werner, Andreas Kleinknecht

Strategic insights and perspectives from Dr. Rolf Werner and Andreas Kleinknecht “Germany is a good business location for us!” – That’s the confident statement made by country head Dr Rolf Werner in interview published today in a major German publication covering the public sector. It’s often said that someone who has experienced working life in

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