Containers – the Path to Fast IT

It’s tough being a software developer today. It used to be that software development was a slow methodical process, not least of all because of the lengthy testing cycles that were necessary for every change to an application. But today, developers and IT departments are under pressure to deliver high quality applications rapidly to help

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Is your future really hyper-converged?

hyperconverge server

There have been many hype topics; and some of them even bear the term “hype” in their names. One of the examples is hyper-convergence. In the area of data center architectures, there is hardly a term which has been stressed more over the last few years than hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) combining compute and storage resources

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What if you knew what you don’t know?

As long as anyone can remember, mankind has gone to great lengths to discover hidden secrets. Wouldn’t you also like to know what you don’t know? If you knew what you don’t know, you could probably predict opportunities and risks, make better, faster decisions, accelerate your business processes, and much more. Wouldn’t this be an

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