All-flash is the new do-it-all

speedometer flash

Just a few years ago, the first All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) were designed largely as point solutions. The idea was that each AFA typically supported only a single application, or perhaps a small group of applications with similar requirements. Of course these had to be applications that were both high-value, to justify the flash price-premium as

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Will hyper-converged infrastructure kill traditional storage?

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Anyone reading the technology media today would be forgiven for having the impression that traditional storage, including SANs, storage arrays, and NAS, is obsolete and that software defined or hyper-converged storage solutions are the way to go. Certainly the pitch is an attractive one – simply turning conventional servers into a fully-fledged storage system managed

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How to Select the Right Storage in This Digital Age

Whitepaper Storagezoo

Digitalization is bringing many benefits to enterprises, but also many challenges. As you enjoy the greater insights from having data from multiple sources at your fingertips, spare a thought for the additional work this is creating, behind the scenes, in terms of how to store all the additional data that is being generated by ever

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