Gartner identifies Fujitsu as Leader in Magic Quadrant in Data Center Outsourcing (DCO) And Infrastructure Utility Services, Europe


Fujitsu’s vision is one of a Human Centric Intelligent Society, where social and business innovation is driven by the intelligent use of information and communications technology. Our Cloud services form the foundation of making this vision a reality – by enabling customers to accelerate their core businesses by letting Fujitsu take care of their underlying

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“Throw IT at the wall and see what sticks”: How not to do digital

In the modern business world, everyone is understandably very excited to see what digital can do. From big data to Fujitsu’s very own connected cow, there’s no doubt that digital is a glamorous business buzzword. However, the non-stop advances of technology means that the digital landscape is extremely complex. Our Digital Tightrope research has found

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