A Small Preview: Fujitsu at CeBIT 2017

In just three days CeBIT 2017 will open its doors in Hanover and judging from the picture above one might be tempted to question whether all the exhibitions booths will be ready in time. But years of experience with our partners and craftspeople reassure us that on Monday more than 1,000 meters of cabling and a couple tons worth of constructions materials will have been shaped into Fujitsu’s Human Centric Innovation – Digital Co-Creation pavillion at CeBIT 2017.

What can you expect at our booth once it’s finished? Among other exciting exhibits on people-focused digital transformation we will for example present “LiveTalk” which helps to overcome language barriers by converting spoken language in real time into a text on a display. „LiveTalk“ speaks 16 languages and helps people all over the world to communicate. We will also show how our Intelligent Dashboard can help your factory run smoother and how UBIQUITOUSWARE can make it a lot safer.

For a more indepth review please take a look at our highlight tour or better yet, come and visit us from March 20th-24th in Hall 4, Stand A38, we’re looking forward to see you in Hanover!


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