Hybrid Cloud Connect – The only Network to Accelerate your Company’s Digital Transformation

Innovation isn’t something you do once and forget about – it’s something that, in my business, is part of everyday life. You solve one problem and start looking for a creative approach to tackle the next. In our increasingly complex digital world, some solutions end up creating challenges of their own – leading us into a new cycle of planning and testing to find a way to make the new world easier.

Cloud computing is a great example of how something that solves one set of customer challenges actually ends up creating a whole, fresh new set. It’s beyond discussion today that using public cloud infrastructure – on cloud services like Fujitsu’s new Cloud Service K5 – make enormous sense for businesses. Just like email, we wonder how we ever got by without them … in fact, cloud really comes into its own with regard to technology like hosted email – which is generally much more reliable and trouble-free than running your own infrastructure.

But once you’ve got your essential services up and running in the cloud – whether this is private or public, or a combination, then the next challenge comes along – the great big internet traffic jam. Just like the drive to work on a weekday morning, you know it’s going to be congested and you can’t rely on it – also you may have to take an alternative route if there’s construction work, an accident, or something else unexpected … which gets in the way. As we all know, in order to really fly, you need speed.

Although most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a private helicopter to skirt round the traffic jams on our roads, there are equivalent solutions available for alleviating internet traffic jams – and they’re a lot more affordable, too, I must add.

Using private networks and leased lines, it’s possible to bypass the internet traffic jams and provide guaranteed levels of connectivity. We’re calling this Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Connect, and it has a very simply value proposition: No matter if you’re trying to check mail on a Monday morning along with everyone else, or your e-commerce store is entering its peak hour of the day, Fujitsu’s new Hybrid Cloud Connect service means that you’re going to be able to rely on two things that are key to effective use of the cloud:

  1. Bandwidth – no more delays because someone else on the internet is streaming movies, or whatever …
  2. Low latency – with the most direct routes possible between customer networks and the hyperscale cloud providers, including Fujitsu’s Cloud Service K5

No matter what day of the week or time of day, someone, somewhere, is making a transaction and using a network connection to do so. And by signing up for this new service, our customers gain the peace of mind that their systems are connected and open for business. It’s the network that plays the most essential role to enabling any digital engagement, especially when working with public cloud platforms running business-critical applications.

You could say that Hybrid Cloud Connect puts the lipstick on our digital transformation makeover. We’ve tightened and streamlined every essential IT environment, creating MetaArc, our Digital Business Platform, of which our cloud enabling platform K5 is a key part.

Don’t get stuck in the latency traffic jam, Hybrid Cloud Connect is the way forward to decongest and keep you ahead of the competition. For more information, click here.

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