How to balance business and IT?

How to balance business and IT?

Times are changing… Question is: are we ready for this change? For what was relevant yesterday is not relevant today and will definitely not be tomorrow. Embracing this change, how can you list down the role of technology for your organization?

As a stake holder or business owner we suggest you think about your business objectives, the respective problem areas and what are your expectations from the new IT investment. How would you  like your new storage gear to help support or achieve those objectives? Ideally any new investment should support the following:

Business growth: More is always good for business, more customers, more top and bottom line, more market share, more share of wallet. But this ‘MORE’ brings a challenge which is internal and that is how you keep up with it, because this would mean more users, more transactions, more data and its maintenance. And your storage system should give you the flexibility to cope up with these changes and expand without compromising on performance or SLA’s.

24*7 business: The new storage system gives you the continuity and reliability that customers expect from your brand. At the same time the security parameters to keep the data safe are ingrained and are in place, not only for compliance reasons but also to mitigate the risks involved with customer-specific information.

Cost effectiveness: The new storage gear is a 10/10 when it comes to cost. Cost here is multi-dimensional, it means cost of managing the infrastructure and complexity involved (the IT staff), simple systems which are web based and intuitive, cost in terms of overall data center space, power and cooling, furthermore cost in terms of future cost of upgrades and service support.

If you would like to know more about this subject, we suggest to read this paper from Freeform Dynamics.

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