German Data Center Award 2014 … top rank for Fujitsu

The German Data Center Award was hard-fought once again. Many companies submitted their most innovative ideas to gain attention and success. Fujitsu participated in the competition and – hope you remember our success in 2013 with Fujitsu Energy Management in the Data Center – was shortlisted amongst the finalists in 2014!

Fujitsu DC Award


Fujitsu participated with “Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation – Automated Contingency Manual” in the data center software category and came in closely after GORDIS GmbH and VMware.

This rank in the German Data Center Award rewards our ideas and efforts in the field of Data Center Management & Automation.

Want to know more about our submission to the competition? Data Center contingency manuals are required by the ITIL standard and describe processes that have to be followed and executed in emergency cases. The goal is to recover business continuity as fast as possible. In many data centers contingency manuals are printed issues. With our automation solution the processes necessary to counter emergency cases can be automated across operating system and department boundaries and in cases of emergency the processes run automatically and support the emergency managers.

Automated emergency processes avoid manual errors and increase process quality, the guarantee the adherence to escalation procedures and ensure documentation of all activities – and most importantly they accelerate human/machine interaction and allow operating data centers more efficiently, securely and at lower cost.

We have developed the “Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation – Automated Contingency Manual” together with our partners CA Technologies and TDS for usage in heterogeneous data centers. Our solution offers the integration of operations management with sensor and measurement technologies for buildings and systems. It takes into account the current status of the IT infrastructure and process landscape while flexibly allowing stepwise enhancements to innovative automation concepts.

Find more information about the German Data Center Award in the Internet (German language)

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