Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 Goes Live in Finland

Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service Goes Live in Finland

Enterprises of all sizes are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud – virtualizing not only their applications and services but also their infrastructure. Fujitsu’s customers in the Nordic region have more choice than ever before for their own digital transformation as Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is now available in Finland.

While migrating to cloud based systems is an attractive proposition for businesses, only very few new market entrants have the luxury of having an entirely virtualized infrastructure from the outset. For all others, the prospect of having to manage legacy infrastructure alongside new cloud systems, while ensuring that they work in tandem, is a serious deterrent. The K5 cloud computing platform is designed to solve this challenge by making it extremely easy to integrate new cloud-based technologies while continuing to leverage the investment they have sunk into their legacy IT infrastructure. Regardless of where they are on the road to digitalization, all K5 customers can benefit from the agility and cost efficiency of this open-source, cloud based technology.

Finnish customers are now better able to plan their individual paths to digitalization. Implementing K5 is not an isolated event, rather it is part of a process of digital transformation. Furthermore, K5 is the only cloud service to allow the migration of legacy IT environments into the cloud while also enabling their further development using digital cloud service applications. Over time, more services can be transitioned at a pace that works for each business. The open source code also means that new or improved applications can be seamlessly migrated to new platforms.

The fact is that every enterprise has different requirements and challenges and one size of cloud platform does not fit all. Fujitsu customers in the Nordic region can now tailor K5 to their specific needs. It can be a private cloud, running in either their own datacenters, or in Fujitsu’s facility. They can also select a combination of local and global public clouds and easily interface with, for example, Amazon or Azure services which can be integrated with the rest of the company’s IT.

K5 also delivers the peace of mind associated with enterprise-grade reliability, performance and scalability. No business can say with confidence exactly how they will need to evolve in today’s rapidly changing markets, but K5 customers know that they will be flexible enough to scale and adapt to stay competitive, no matter how they will need to change. Regardless of the extent to which they digitalize, Fujitsu’s Nordics customers will experience increased operational efficiency and competitiveness.

An integral part of the MetaArc enterprise platform

K5 is a key component of Fujitsu’s digital business platform, MetaArc which comprises a selection of technologies, tools, services and partnerships that form the strategic foundation for cloud services. For example, customers in the Nordic region now have access to MetaArc’s powerful big data and artificial intelligence capabilities, which are delivered via K5.

For many industries, concerns and legislation around data privacy and security often hold back the deployment of cloud services, particularly in public sector organizations. For the finance industry and the healthcare sector, data must be held in its country of origin. Fujitsu’s Finnish K5 customers can rest assured that they can not only define how public their data is, it will absolutely remain in Finland, unless otherwise agreed.

Fujitsu’s Cloud Service K5 launch in Finland is the most recent location in the world-wide roll out of the service –  the first are already operational in Japan and the UK. Over the coming months, there will be new Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 centers launching in Germany, Spain and Singapore. Fujitsu is investing 250 million euros in the next three years in EMEIA alone to enable the ongoing roll out of these digital services. Watch this space.

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