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#FujitsuForum 2017 Tokyo – Online Guide

#FujitsuForum 2017 Tokyo is gearing up for another exciting week where we will introduce initiatives involving a variety of Co-creations in the digital era, as well as MetaArc, the digital business platform that supports them, in addition to such advanced technologies as AI, IoT , big data, robots, and mobile technology. You will be joined by more than 20.000 other ICT professionals from all over the world, seeking novel ideas and insights that will support you on your journey of transformation. So wheatear you are attending the event in person or following it online, Social Media has become the best source of sharing this among attendees and the rest of the world. Here are all the necessary tools:

Fujitsu Forum

New businesses and societies through digital co-creation

Fujitsu believes that the connected value crossing company and industry boundaries brought about by digital transformation will continue to increase going forward. These exhibitions will introduce the digital transformations that are already beginning to be undertaken, while also offering examples of co-creation with customers, partners, and start-ups.

Manufacturing, retail, finance, local government, education, healthcare, urban infrastructure, agriculture, transforming the ways people work, sports, among others.

Fujitsu Forum Exhibition

MetaArc's role in supporting the digital transformation

The MetaArc digital business platform incorporates cutting-edge ICT and experience developed with customers. It offers a total package, including IoT, AI, cloud, mobile solutions, and managed services, contributing to the creation of new value and to both optimizing existing systems and setting up new businesses by connecting the services of customers, partners and start-ups. This forum will give particular attention to the services, technologies and user case studies that showcase “Human Centric AI Zinrai” a Fujitsu core technology that works to accelerate digital transformation.

Fujitsu Forum

Keynotes and Presentations (9 in total)

Top executives will introduce Fujitsu’s vision and direction, and welcome customers from both in- and outside of Japan. Partners and other notable figures are scheduled to discuss the environment facing business and society in the future as well as the initiatives they are taking to address these changes.

Fujitsu Forum Tokyo presentations

Conferences (14 meetings in total)

These conferences will focus on four perspectives: the digital transformation of society and the economy, the digital transformation of business, transformation in ways of working, and the technology that supports the digital transformation. Experts, thought leaders and representatives of companies will speak about the latest trends and specific case studies.

Fujitsu Forum Tokyo workshops

Seminars, workshops, hands-on programs and off-site tours (50 in total)

Fujitsu will introduce solutions and initiatives to address a variety of issues facing customers, including customer case studies. In addition, participants have the possibility to discuss actual topics or areas of common interest and as well to take seat in hands-on programs, as well as in off-site tours of digital co-creation spaces and ICT experiences.

See the event guide for full details.

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Official hashtag is #FujitsuForum

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Banner Fujitsu Forum Tokyo 2016

Human Centric InnovationDriving Digital Transformation

Fujitsu Forum 2016, an event that brings together Fujitsu’s latest technologies,
was held at last in May at Tokyo International Forum.
As technologies continue to evolve at a greater speed than ever, how to create value quickly through the use of advanced digital technologies becomes ever more crucial for business success. And digital transformation is already underway in many areas to accelerate changes for new business challenges.

Please enjoy experiencing digital transformation first-hand and discover the highlights of Fujitsu Forum 2016.

Watch the 2016 highlights video:

Discover the highlights of Fujitsu Forum 2016: