Choosing the Ultimate Mobile Device

Choosing the Ultimate Mobile Device

You’re looking for a new mobile companion to support your busy life – working on the train, presenting to clients, writing reports in a café, and sometimes even touching base at the office or in your home office to take backups and do some important housekeeping.

A desktop machine would be ideal if you are expected to be at your office seat during the working hours, but would not fit the bill if you are considering mobility. Phone comes in handy, when you consider mobility, as long as you are fine with just checking your mails quickly and not needing to actually provide more than a quick “ok, no problem” response. But to be truly productive, you need to be able to do real work while you’re moving from place to place during the day.

What you need for that, is an ultra-mobile device with the performance and connectivity to accomplish any tasks you undertake from the first emails over your morning coffee to the last review of the next day’s to do items and appointments before going to bed.

But what type of device do you choose?

A 2in1 Tablet offers the ultra-mobile and instant-on convenience that will allow you to quickly pull your device out of your bag, connect to your company network via VPN and pull out the file you need to respond to that email with a full answer and supporting documents. A full-sized keyboard gives the notebook form factor the edge for longer data entry and writing tasks. Any ultra-mobile device needs to satisfy some basic requirements, however.

Let’s start off by considering the essentials: what does a mobile device need, regardless of form factor?

True mobility calls for day-long battery life and an ultra-lightweight form factor. An anti-glare full HD display is essential so that you can work just about anywhere – even in bright outdoor spaces. To keep up with the demands of video conferencing, streaming, and online collaboration platforms such as Slack or Trello, you’ll need a full complement of connectivity options such as WiFi, built-in LAN for the office, 3G/4G/LTE and Bluetooth. Fast SSD drives give you faster startup times, quick application starts and better performance – making you more productive and avoiding frustration when you’re jumping between appointments. Given that mobile devices are more prone to loss or theft, and also more exposed to the potential of a man-in-the-middle attack while working on open public WiFi networks, you’re going to need both hardware and software security features to protect your device from unauthorised access.

Once these essential features are met, it’s time to look at what you actually need your device for.

Work everywhere you want - mobile

If instant-on convenience and ultra-portability are your main needs, then a tablet is your best choice. Input is via touch or digital pen and a highly-sensitive screen, app support ensures that you have instant access to everything you need. An add-on keyboard will give you that extra bit of support when you need to type in a little more text or perform some repetitive data entry tasks. An ultra-lightweight notebook will fit your needs if you need the convenience of a full-sized keyboard and a full set of connection options including LAN on the device itself, instead of relying on a drop-in cradle for office infrastructure integration. Another reason for choosing a notebook may be higher storage capacity. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then a 2 in 1 model with full-sized keyboard in addition to touchscreen is the ultimate mobile device. These devices represent a great synergy between the notebook and the tablet, have both the performance of the notebook and it’s full-sized keyboard for more intensive data entry tasks, and the ultra-mobile convenience of the tablet with it’s touch input and light weight.

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