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Thomas Zott

Program Lead, Global DS&S Marketing Programs

Thomas is working for the company since more than 15 years and worked in several marketing positions. His current focus is on development, management and execution of marketing programs and campaigns for Digital services & solutions and Industry solutions.

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When does personalization become intrusion?

When does personalization become intrusion?

During our recent Fujitsu Retail Webinar on September 29th, a member of the audience asked a very pe...

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Connected Consumer

The link between the connected and physical world is much stronger than you might think. The curren...

Top predictions for the retail sector in 2016

In the recently published article in the Retail Times; Rupal Karia (Fujitsu managing director of re...

What will retail be like in 2025?

Let us imagine a shopping trip that is 100% connected: Connected to the store, connected to all the ...

Meeting the 2015 customer

Implementing good retail strategy means understanding today’s consumer behavior. It is a popular b...