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Steven Cox

Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador at Fujitsu

Steven Cox is a senior leader at Fujitsu.

He’s held a wide range of strategic roles across the company but it’s his passion for diversity and inclusion which led him to his current position. As Fujitsu’s ambassador for Diversity & Inclusion he is tasked with identifying best practice initiatives and how Fujitsu can learn from them.

He’s also looking at how technological advances in automation and artificial intelligence impact the modern workforce and what this means for Fujitsu as a responsible provider of such technology.

As a champion for diversity and inclusion Steven has helped embed a more inclusive culture in the UK company . He’s an executive sponsor of Shine, Fujitsu’s LGBT+ and ally networking group. This year Fujitsu UK was ranked number 48 in Stonewall’s equality index as a result of its work around inclusion.

Steven has featured on the OUTstanding/Financial Times LGBT top executives list and The Times top 50 LGBT executives in Business List. He is a Stonewall Ambassador.

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