Blandina Mangelkramer (ext.)

Blandina Mangelkramer (ext.)


Freelance PR Consultant supporting Fujitsu’s corporate communications team.

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Expert Talk: Dr Joseph Reger on the “Internet of things”

Here is Dr Joseph Reger, Chief Technology Officer at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, assessment of the...

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

On behalf of Fujitsu and its group companies, we express our heartfelt condolences to the victims of...

The LIFEBOOK T580 & a stylish ‘tube station’ bar in the center of Berlin

Last Thursday night was the annual kick-off for IFA trade fair in the German capital, Berlin. Micros...

SMPR: New Quad-Socket Fujitsu PRIMERGY Delivers Mission-Critical x86 Servers

PRIMERGY RX600 S5 and BX960 S1 Achieve New Levels of Reliable Performance for Scale-up Workloads New...

SMPR: Rewriting the Cloud Computing Price-Performance Rulebook

Fujitsu Unveils Revolutionary Scale-Out ‘Cloud eXtension’ Architecture _________________________...