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And it happened again!


Albert Einstein once said, ‘the only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once’.

Now is it not true, after all the day was 10th May, 2017 when the new hybrid storage systems ETERNUS DX S4 were launched and just 21 days later ETERNUS DX 200 S4 set another SPC-1 v3 Price / Performance record with $0.22 per SPC-1 IOPs. We are not saying that we had planned it exactly this way, it is just that someone has to set precedence in market and it was Fujitsu Storage who now has leading SPC-1 v3 Price/Performance benchmark for a new product which has been in the market for about three weeks.

Just to give you a quick brief on SPC benchmarks: SPC is a vendor neutral, industry standard body whose charter is to set criteria’s for storage performance improvement. These criteria’s are based on real life scenarios wherein performance of storage array on both OLTP and sequential applications are measured. Of the SPC benchmarks, SPC-1 consists of a single workload designed to demonstrate the performance of a storage subsystem while performing the typical functions of business critical applications.

Now the question is what makes ETERNUS DX 200 S4 different? It is scalable (up to 4PB) and unified (with NAS functionality) and delivers enterprise-class functionality (automated QoS, replication amidst others) to small and medium-sized companies and subsidiaries with an excellent price/performance ratio ($0.22 per SPC-1 IOPs). It is the perfect solution when consolidating data for server virtualization, e-mail, databases and business applications as well as centralized file services.

Here’s a snapshot of how ETERNUS DX 200 S4 performed during SPC-1 v3:

SPC-1 IOPs 300,056
SPC-1 Price-Performance $0.22/SPC-1 IOPs
SPC-1 IOPs Response Time 0.598 ms

response time

And where do SPC-1 benchmarks make a difference? Well, all said and done, given the diversity of storage hardware and software now available to you, SPC-1 v3 benchmarks will give you the ability to compare the latest generation of storage products. This benchmark is designed from the ground up for scalability and extreme I/O throughputs.

If you would like to go through the detailed reports, please follow these links:

ETERNUS DX 200 S4 Data sheet
Executive Summary
Full Disclosure Report

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