A VIP from Berlin visits our Augsburg factory


Our CEO, Rolf Schwirz, and Executive Vice President for the Product Business Group, Heribert Göggerle, last week welcomed a very special guest to our Augsburg factory, namely the German Federal Minister of the Economy, Dr. Philipp Rösler. The Deputy Chancellor, and Leader of the FDP, travelled especially to Augsburg to see one of the world’s state-of-the-art production locations for IT hardware. Our two top company representatives accompanied the Minister around the factory, explaining the production processes used there. The factory celebrated its 25th birthday last July, with investments of tens of million Euros during 2011 to completely modernize and extend it. Following the lead set by the automotive industry, the former production line was converted to an ‘island’ production system, while best-practice concepts from other industries have been identified, analyzed and implemented throughout the entire supply chain.


Our CEO described in detail the significance of the factory for our company. Fujitsu places special value on the quality slogan ‘Made in Germany,’ and that is why Augsburg is the global product HQ for the Fujitsu PRIMERGY server business. The factory premises also house important parts of the Corporation’s research and development activities for this particular product group. Customers therefore benefit from a central European production base and direct contact to the Research and Development units. The Augsburg factory today plays an important role in the global Fujitsu supply chain, and is also the blueprint for new production locations being set up around the world.

Rösler, who even ‘had a go’ himself and mounted a processor mainboard under the watchful eye of an employee, was visibly impressed: “It is indeed IT jobs which are often outsourced abroad,” he announced. This is ‘certainly not the case’ in the Fujitsu factory. “Germany is an ideal location for industry, as we have seen today and that will remain the case.” Our CEO, Rolf Schwirz, was pleased to welcome the Berlin VIP: “I am delighted that Dr. Rösler accepted my invitation to look at our production facility in Augsburg. He has been able to see how quickly Fujitsu – as the only IT manufacturer in Europe – can implement each customer requirement and quickly deliver the product to our worldwide market. For example, the average waiting time for a new Fujitsu computer in Germany is only two days.”

Learn more about our factory in Augsburg:

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    August 10, 2012

    good to see you guys still produce in Germany! Nowadays most of the production is outsourced to china, wheater its toy industry,cloth or electronic. I think in Germany the quality standards are much higher and the staff is much more educated. I like your commitment to your factory

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