A little story about just how thrilled one can be about ordering online

How thrilled one can be about ordering online. Our new PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 server will be there to make sure that you can order and receive eyerything easily

If I think about my personal habits when it comes to shopping, I realize that things have changed dramatically in recent years. When I was younger, I used to take the tram to the city center, where I would stroll through some shops not necessarily knowing exactly what I was going to buy. I mean, yes, maybe I knew that I needed a pair of jeans or that I wanted a new Discman. But at that time it was absolutely inconceivable, how buying behavior would change so radically.

These days people like me, born in the late 1980s and having largely grown up with the pace of how technology and the Internet evolved, online shopping and everything around has become more and more convenient and even cheaper, despite being undermined by previously unheard of information gathering upfront. Anyhow, even for typical shopping trips to the city or a mall, the Internet and all the options it offers have had an impact that should not be underestimated.

The ordering process is only one part of the story

All the underlying logistics are really interesting and have also changed. When you think about the process of ordering online, what is the most convenient aspect for you? First and foremost, prior to ordering, you have a chance to compare the different products upfront, browsing through various webpages, videos, boards and commentaries from current users, who are willing to share their personal opinion on basically anything, enabling you to figure out what best meets your needs. Secondly, the order process itself has also evolved and, since your PayPal, your bank account, credit card and other payment options are directly linked to your various accounts, even payment processing has become way easier for you, the customer. But thirdly, and this is something I personally find quite the most compelling thing about online shopping, the integration of logistics services is something I really appreciate: you not only get tracking IDs, which have been in place since a while already, but you can also get live information on the whereabouts of your package and when to expect delivery – almost exactly to the minute. It seems like such a small thing, however, it really gives me the freedom to schedule my day without any need to sit around and waiting for the postman to arrive within a 4-hour+ timeframe.

What nobody ever sees is the backend activity that enables all of this

Whether this involves huge cloud solutions used by all the parties involved or separate datacenters, everything needs to be underpinned by powerful yet reliable systems. Every single click, every blogpost or board thread is stored and displayed on the customers’ screen at the precise moment he/she requests the information. Moreover, the GPS devices and RFID tags on the package are also constantly connected to the same resources, pulling together all the information and processing it so that “Joe Average” gets the most appropriate and convenient service. The efforts being made here are enormous and will keep growing over the next decades. That makes us happy to proclaim: our new PRIMERGY RX2530 M4 server will be there to make sure Joe Average orders and receives everything easily, on time and as conveniently as he expects – regardless of whether this powerhouse is located in a hosters’ datacenter or is there to handle all requests right in the server room of the online shop.

What most people don’t see but what’s interesting to know: the RX2530 M4 is a smaller rack server (some people may relate to it as a “pizza box” which honestly gives you a pretty good impression of its size), but, thanks to its Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family CPUs and powerful DDR4 memory, it handles tasks such as those described above perfectly. Oh, and by the way – to get a direct impression of what this foundation looks like, click here.

Next time when you order something online, maybe you’ll think about how often the “busy-LED” is blinking when this powerful foundation is processing your purchase. In the meantime, you might want to check out our latest microsite collection information on the different flexible foundations for the human-centric world we live in.

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