3 golden rules for developing a successful environmental strategy

3 golden rules for developing a successful environmental strategy

How does Fujitsu contribute to current Environmental issues? Fujitsu’s Mel Melis, senior CSR and sustainblity program manager, offers three simple pieces of advice for companies about to embark on setting up an environmental strategy

1. Above all, consider your culture and strategy

How does a reduction in environmental contribution link to your business and growth? For us in Fujitsu, we look at our heritage, our values and the developments we have already made. With that background, we draw on current existential threats such as climate change, our long standing commitment to our customers, our people, our society and the environment we are part of as well as our responsibility as a global technology and services company. Being a Responsible Business is one of the building blocks of our strategy, an enabler to business, not an overhead. Your environmental strategy must have this link to your values and your overall business strategy.

2. Ensure your plan is flexible

Last year we announced our latest three year Global Environmental Action Plan. We publish updates on progress every year and make adjustments in line with both our progress but also taking into consideration the global socio-political landscape.

We have aligned our Global Environmental Action Plan and the associated targets to two key internationally recognised arenas;

“Our Society” – which is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and“Our Business” – aligned to the COP21 climate change agreement in Paris.

This is a neat and subtle change from previous Environmental Action Plans; it really resonates globally, and is much more meaningful when we talk to our customers and stakeholders. Fine-tuning is key to a successful environmental strategy.

3. Be ambitious

Did someone say “Zero Emissions”? In May of this year, Fujitsu announced an ambitious medium to long term program, the “Fujitsu Climate and Energy Vision” where we will aim to become a zero emissions organization by 2050.

For a company of the scale of Fujitsu with over 150,000 employees worldwide, with manufacturing, offices, data centers, fleets of vehicles and different maturities in the countries in which we operate, this is no small undertaking.

The strategy is based on Fujitsu taking on challenges in three areas

  • Bringing Fujitsu’s CO2 emissions down to zero
  • Contributing to a decarbonized society
  • Contributing to adaptation to climate change

Your environment strategy can be a real differentiator as well as making a real difference. Aim high to not only make a difference to the environment, bio-diversity and communities, but help solve global issues.

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