HS2 to Hyperloop

HS2 to Hyperloop: Can you predict the unpredictable future of transport?

Every week, there are headlines heralding a new age of transportation, with technologies emerging that could almost have come from a sci-fi novel. In October, Sir Richard Branson announced Virgin’s investment in Hyperloop One, a system that will propel passengers through a tub...

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Digital Transformation = Enabling Digital

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Digital Transformation = Enabling Digital

When I started this blog series, I wanted to inspire you on your digital journey – to provide actionable advice and reassurance in what is a very disruptive time for organizations of all sizes. There is no set timetable for digital transformation – but one thing is clear: dig...

The Year Ahead: Five Key Thoughts on Cyber Security In 2018

Data is all around us, from the way doctors use it to better understand patients to online retailers collecting data on customer interactions during a transaction. Confronted by conversations around how to make the most of the data available, there has been an urgent need for bus...

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