Biometrics – A new take on old tech

Biometrics – A new take on old tech

Biometric solutions were once seen as futuristic and unsafe. But we’ve come to realise that the reverse is true: it is password security which is unsafe. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, it’s become common knowledge that you can’t use a password to keep accounts...

culture of digital transformation PACT

From one industrial revolution to another: the importance of culture to digital transformation

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, a fictional character called Ned Ludd became a rallying point for many textile workers in England. Factories across the country had begun to introduce automated textile equipment, designed to improve and speed up the way that factories ...

First steps towards Quantum Computing

Steps towards Quantum Computing

I’m going to start by asking you to keep a strong hold on to your common sense – that is, until I ask you to let it go. There’s one thing that your IT team will definitely agree that is common sense, and that’s using encryption technology – for example an RSA asymmetric...

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