Fujitsu Innovation to Berlin on May 23, 2017

Berlin was the venue for the 5th annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering and the German stop for the Fujitsu World Tour, where Fujitsu presented its vision for Human Centric Innovation and Digital Co-Creation to more than 900 visitors. Teams from our global Laboratories – from Japa...

Parking Analysis

Smart City – Grasps increasingly complex, real-time urban conditions with AI, supercomputer technology

By applying AI to image analytics, Fujitsu has invented a way to extract various pieces of information automatically from video frames. Moreover, by utilizing HPC competencies in analyzing high-volume, high-speed video, we have taken on the challenge of visualizing and understan...


Ontenna, a device that allows users to feel sounds through their hair

Also on display at the #FujitsuForum is a device called Ontenna which got a lot of attention in the media already. Ontenna is a new interface device that is worn atop the user’s hair. It conveys the characteristics of sounds using vibration and light, and enables deaf peopl...

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