We achieved a new GUINNES WORLD RECORD!

We succeeded and achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!

Last week, as part of our Fujitsu Forum Munich 2017 activities, we brought Digital Co-creation to life for our customers. We held a customer event at the BMW Museum in Munich, with our partner Citrix, and instead of having an inspirational after-dinner speaker, we set ourselves a...

Fujitsu Forum: Keynote 'Quantum Computing'

Fujitsu Forum: Keynote ‘Quantum Computing’

To break a standard public RSA encryption code involves testing large numbers that with General Purpose Computing (GPC) or even a super computer would take a number of years equivalent to the half-life of the universe. Quantum computing would be a viable alternative, said Joseph ...

Dr. Rolf Werner`s keynote at Fujitsu Forum`17

Make Industry 4.0 happen – Co-create real business benefits

Taking the example of textiles, Rolf Werner, Head of Central Europe, Fujitsu, looked into the first and second industrial revolutions. Here we went from single customized clothes to mass production. Back in the 50s, over 80% of the US car market consisted of just six car models. ...

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